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Common Signs of Hidden Water Damage

Category: Water Damage • April 4, 2022

hidden water damage, signs of water damage

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” rings true for many areas of life. However, hidden water damage is not one where this mentality will have positive benefits.  While it can be challenging to find water damage, doing so can spare you the hassle of secondary damages, a long restoration process, and need for extensive water damage repairs. Here are the most common signs of hidden water damage.

5 Common Signs of Hidden Water Damage

Moisture can lead to mold growth, structural instability, and other major issues. Failing to respond in a timely manner can increase damages and expenses. For this reason, you should aim to spot hidden water damage before it gets worse. Here are a few symptoms of hidden water damage.

1. Stained & Discolored Rafters, Walls, and Ceilings

Visible discoloration and stains are indicative of a water loss when the appear on rafters, walls, and ceilings. From yellow to brown, the shade may range in hue, however the course of action is the same. Call a professional water restoration company like J&J ERS.

2. Musty Odors

Did you know that your nose can help you find hidden water damage? If you pick up the hint of a stale, musty, or stagnant odor, it could be the result of moisture saturating the building materials and growing mold.

3. Sagging Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

Trapped water in walls, ceilings, and floors can cause these components to expand. If you notice drooping or water bubbles, this is a sign that it is time to call J&J ERS.

4. Visible Mold

Where there is mold, moisture is not far behind.  Should you spot spores on your walls, baseboards, ceilings, or other areas, you have likely found the leak and should contact a trusted mold removal and mold remediation company to fix the issue. Left untreated, mold can lead to respiratory distress, allergies, and irritation.

5. Peeling or Flaking Paint or Wallpaper

When wallpaper or paint peels, flakes, or bubbles up, this is good clue that you have hidden water damage. Saturated sheetrock and penetrated wall coatings make for an unsightly surprise. Check seams of wallpaper for separation to identify water damage.

J&J ERS’ Role in Hidden Water Damage

J&J ERS knows just how stressful hidden water damage can be. We eliminate your stress with expert water restoration services that identify the leak, fix the damage, and return the area to pre-loss condition. We have the knowledge and experience to get you back to normal life sooner.