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Smoke Damage Cleaning

Expert Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

Here at J&J ERS, we understand just how big of a loss a fire can cause. It is in these times that we need a fast response from true professionals. Even after a fire is extinguished and most of the danger is cleared, the smoke damage that is left behind can be overwhelming. Our crew will work quickly and tirelessly to clear your home with smoke damage cleanup and smoke deodorization services.

Because smoke’s burnt particles spread through the air, soot often lands in difficult to reach areas such as your carpets, upholstery, behind cabinets, and walls as well. This can result in corrosion, discoloration, and a smell that is difficult to remove. Contact us now to schedule services in Vero Beach, Florida, and surrounding areas.

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Comprehensive Smoke Soot Cleanup Services

When faced with smoke damage, your health and safety are in danger. That’s why it is key to contact a true professional like J&J ERS that will clean your property following a fire. We have a tried and tested process that guarantees to clean your smoke damage while salvaging as much of your personal belongings as possible. Our process includes but is not limited to:

  • Free smoke damage inspection with time and cost estimates
  • Smoke and soot cleanup
  • Smoke deodorization
  • Smoke damage repairs and smoke damage restoration

Residential smoke damage clean-up

Smoke Odor Removal and Smoke Deodorization

By using a unique combination of thermal fogging, hydroxyl generators, and effort from our team of experts, we can neutralize even the toughest of smoke odors without causing additional damage to your property. This process immediately improves the quality of your indoor air, allowing you to put the fire and smoke behind you and move on as quickly as possible. When there is more severe smoke damage, we will remove and quickly repair and replace any irreversibly damaged building materials.

When your home has smoke damage, you can count on J&J ERS’ professionalism and quick service to put you and your home back on steady legs. Contact J&J ERS today to ensure your property returns to its previous condition if not even better.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Process

When faced with smoke damage your health and safety are in danger. That’s why it is key to contact a true professional like J&J ERS that will clean your property from smoke damage.

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kitchen smoke damage cleaning process

Smoke Damage Inspection

Smoke damage can be quite extensive so it is important to analyze the entire situation carefully before proceeding with the smoke cleaning process. That is why we offer a free smoke damage inspection after which we provide you with a time and cost estimate so that you can plan your next steps accordingly.

Smoke and soot removal and clean-up

Smoke and Soot Clean-up

We will scrub all the walls and surfaces, as well as remove floor and wall panels that have too much of the toxic soot infiltrated. Soot is a serious health hazard and it is important to inspect and clean every square inch of the property. Once we are done there won’t be a trace of smoke or soot left on the property.

Smoke damage deodorization

Smoke Deodorization

The smell of smoke will linger for a long time even after everything affected has been cleaned and removed. That is why it is key to use advanced methods of removing the smell from the affected area.

smoke damage repairs

Smoke Damage Repairs and Restoration

Once the area is clear of any remains of smoke, including odors, we will get started on the reconstruction and repair of the property. By replacing the affected walls and floorboards we will give your home a touch of freshness and make it look new.

Your Smoke Damage Restoration Company

Smoke is a general term for the burnt particles that are lifted away from a fire, traveling through the air. Depending on the cause there are many different types of smoke. These different types of smoke result in different types of smoke damage and require different methods of smoke damage cleaning to successfully restore the affected property.

You can count on us to understand the causes and risks of working with each specific type. We are your locally trusted smoke damage restoration company for a reason. When in need of a true smoke damage restoration expert call J&J ERS.

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