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  • hidden water damage, signs of water damage

    Common Signs of Hidden Water Damage

    Category: Water Damage • April 4, 2022

    The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” rings true for many areas of life. However, hidden water damage is not one where this mentality will have positive benefits.  While it can be challenging to…


  • how to store flammable materials

    Properly Storing Flammable Materials Around the House

    Category: Fire Restoration, Safety • January 26, 2022

    Take a look around your house. How many flammable materials are around? While some may be obvious, like gasoline for the lawnmower, you may have forgotten about other culprits such as nail polish remover and…


  • water extraction company

    Let’s Talk About Commercial Property Insurance

    Category: Property Insurance • July 21, 2021

    Let’s Talk About Commercial Property Insurance As experts who specialize in the cleaning and damage restoration of commercial property in Florida, over the years one unsettling thing J&J ERS has discovered is that most commercial…