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Fire Restoration

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Fires are devastating and traumatic events, but the fire restoration and cleanup process doesn’t have to be. At J&J ERS, we know that no two fires are alike. When you call, we will send qualified technicians out to inspect the extent of the fire, smoke and soot damage. Firefighting efforts can also cause water damage which must be addressed as quickly as possible so that mold does not cause a secondary problem.

Fire Restoration Services

fire-pageThe aftermath of a fire depends on variables like where the fire occurred, the weather conditions, and what materials were involved in the blaze. Different kinds of soot require different methods of treatment—and this is something that only an experienced restoration professional can determine. Smoke travels into areas the eye cannot see, such as in the walls and attic insulation, through plumbing passageways and into the flooring.

It is vital to fully investigate every square inch of the structure, using the proper methods and detection equipment to determine the type of soot and the extent of the smoke and fire damage. We will respond quickly to your call and begin the fire damage restoration process to ensure that the fire, water, soot and odor damage is kept to a minimum. We can also assist you with inventory and  your insurance claims. We will board up and stabilize the property, remove and dry the water damage, clean, sanitize and restore your property to pre-fire conditions.


24/7 Emergency Water Cleanup or Removal