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About J&J Emergency Restoration Services

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Your health and safety is not something you can afford to ignore. You not only need the job to be finished quickly, but also safely and thoroughly. Failure to follow set safety protocols can result in unnecessary injuries on the job and afterwards.

If a restoration process is not completed with utmost care, vital issues will likely be missed. Overlooking hidden structural damage, especially in foundations or supporting walls, could lead to additional damage down the line, devaluing the property or causing possible casualties in the future. Failure to fully cleanse a ventilation system of toxic chemicals, mold, and contaminants can result in a “sick building,” resulting in an increase of illnesses—or even death.

You can be confident that the job will be done right as all our professionals possess The Clean Trust certifications in Carpet Cleaning, Fire and Smoke Restoration, WRT and Structural Drying, as well as certifications in OSHA Compliance. Hiring the best skilled labor for the task at hand minimizes the risk of incurring additional future damage to the property and protects the health of all inhabitants—both now and in the years to come.

Our Certifications

OSHA Safety Certified

EPA Lead Renovator

Fit Tested

The Clean Trust Certified

Restoration Industry Association

Home Advisor Approved


A Trustworthy & Reliable Company

Trust your disaster recovery project to a company who knows what you need and has the experience, knowledge and sense of responsibility to do the job right. From the smallest recovery project to a full state-of-emergency disaster, we possess the manpower, equipment and expertise to immediately address your needs.


Skilled and Trained Technicians

In the disaster recovery business, there is no room for mistakes. One slip-up can have far-reaching repercussions, stealing precious time and money, and maybe even lives. Our skilled labor team has seen it all—from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina to some of the worst floods and tornadoes in American history—and knows how to proceed in virtually any kind of natural disaster. For example, while working at the New Orleans Police Department, not only did we have to preserve and protect the documents in evidence, it was also necessary to maintain the “chain of custody” of the evidence that wasn’t destroyed. Failure to do so would have resulted in missing or misplaced crucial evidence—and this could cause criminals to be wrongfully released.

Take advantage of our wealth of experience and get the job done right…the first time. You can be confident that we possess the know-how for the biggest and toughest jobs, and we will bring that same power and expertise to even your smallest project.


Equipped Day and Night for Emergencies

Our 24/7 emergency response team is 100% equipped and ready to assist you, anywhere in the Eastern and Midwest regions—at any time of the day or night. Experience means coming to the job fully prepared for anything—and that means having every possible necessity on hand, such as transportation, dump trailers and equipment for extraction and carpet cleaning. Our office trailers also come fully loaded with supplies and contain an air-conditioned office with internet capability, helping to ensure that our work is thorough, quick and efficient—saving your company valuable time and money! We also have an infrared camera, moisture meters, lead testing kits and operators who are fully trained in the use of this equipment.