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Flood Damage Cleanup

Expert Flood Damage Cleanup Services

J&J ERS understands that when a flood hits your home or business, you need assistance as soon as possible. This is why we have an emergency flood damage response team available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to handle the flood damage restoration process. Our crew works quickly and tirelessly to fully mitigate the hazards of flood damage, salvage what we can, and repair the rest.

Whether your flood restoration needs arise from a natural disaster, hurricane, flood, or other mishap, J&J ERS is here with the proper experience, credentials, and knowledge to handle flood damage inspections, floodwater removal, flood damage cleanup, flood restoration, and flood damage repairs. Contact us now to schedule services in Vero Beach, Florida and surrounding areas.

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Flood Damage Recovery Tips

A flood event is a dangerous predicament, no matter whether you have a few inches in your crawl space, or you have several feet in your home. It is prudent that you stay safe at this time. To accomplish this, follow these flood damage recovery tips.

  • Shut off the power to affected areas of the property.
  • Call J&J ERS as well as your insurance company.
  • Do not enter the water to avoid drowning, electrocution, and exposure to contaminants.
  • Do not use water-damaged appliances.
  • Open windows and doors to circulate air.

Floodwater Removal Services

Flooding introduces copious amounts of water into your home or business. While any type of water in your property can be a hazard, floodwaters are especially dangerous. This is because floodwaters often carry bacteria, sewage, fertilizers, and other toxins that could negatively impact your health if exposed. J & J Emergency Restoration Services fully understands the consequences of flood damage and acts fast to mitigate the situation with flood water removal and floodwater extraction services.

By eliminating standing water from the space, we are able to thoroughly assess the severity of the circumstances and create a flood restoration plan. Fast floodwater extraction minimizes the damages caused by stopping the spread of moisture and accelerating the drying process. Call us today for all of your flood water extraction and floodwater removal needs. We are your trusted flood restoration company and are here to help!


The Flood Damage Restoration Process

Every situation is unique, but one thing remains certain across the board -- acting fast can be the difference between a relatively simple flood damage cleanup job and a full blown flood restoration and flood damage repairs project.

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Floodwater Extraction & Removal

Flooding is considered Category 3 water, which is grossly unsanitary. We dispatch a flood damage cleanup technician to your location to immediately inspect the affected areas and start floodwater extraction services.

With flooding, water extraction and water removal are amongst the most important steps for minimizing damage and containing the water. We utilize professional-grade water extraction equipment to mitigate floods, remove all moisture, and get you back in your space.

Once all water is eliminated, any materials that have been in contact with floodwaters will need to be removed for proper drying and replacement.

commercial flood damage drying

Drying & Dehumidfication

Industrial-strength blowers and dehumidifiers greatly assist our flood damage drying and dehumidification efforts. This returns the moisture levels in the home or business back to a normal, safe range. With everything dry, we are able to decontaminate the premises.

Flood Damage Repairs

Flooding takes a heavy toll on your home or business, dismantling existing structures and fixtures while also contaminating the entire area. Flood damage repairs help return your property to a functional dwelling again.

Your Flood Restoration Company

For many property owners, this may be their first flooding loss. As such, you will want to work with a flood restoration company that is capable of handling your property. J&J ERS sets itself apart from other flood cleanup companies in many ways. Not only are we available at all times to take your flood damage restoration call, we also arrive on-scene quickly.

You can count on us to cooperate with your insurance adjuster while maintaining clear, concise documentation of the flood restoration process. We understand how stressful this time can be, which is why we have your back no matter what. Call us today to see how we can help with a flood damage inspection, floodwater removal, floodwater extraction, flood damage cleanup, flood damage restoration, and flood damage repairs.

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