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Properly Storing Flammable Materials Around the House

Category: Fire Restoration, Safety • January 26, 2022

how to store flammable materials

Take a look around your house. How many flammable materials are around? While some may be obvious, like gasoline for the lawnmower, you may have forgotten about other culprits such as nail polish remover and cleaning products. Because these items are combustible, safety is prudent. Knowing how to store flammable items around the home can help prevent a fire from breaking out, in addition to explosions and accidental poisonings.  J&J ERS is sharing the best ways to store flammable liquids to keep your family and your property healthy and happy.

How to Store Flammable Materials Around the House

Negligence, lack of caution, and yes, even laziness can have deadly outcomes. This is especially true for flammable items that are in and around the house. Use these pointers:

1. Utilize Proper Containers for Storage

In the interest of saving space, it can be tempting to combine products. Consolidating is a dangerous game with flammable materials though. These products should be stored in their original containers. DIY storage options should never be used, including milk jugs, Tupperware, or cans. Instead, opt for Factory Mutual (FM)-certified safety containers.

2. Put Flammable Products in the Right Place

The location of flammable materials is equally as important as their container. The garage, basement, laundry room, or even under the kitchen sink are common headquarters for combustibles. However, there are better options.

Choose a well-ventilated area that is away from the main living area. This should be away from sparks, open flames, cars, appliances, HVAC systems, hot water heaters, power tools, and cigarettes.

3. Avoid Heat

Flammables should never be stored in high heat indoors or direct sunlight outside. Purchase a flammable liquid locker, or build a storage cabinet.

4. Keep Flammables Out of Reach

One of the most crucial aspects of knowing how to store flammable materials at home is keeping them out of easy reach. Otherwise, these solutions could fall into the wrong hands. Curious children and pets can be injured or poisoned inadvertently.

Proper Storage is a Critical Responsibility

The flammable materials around the home might be far from the forefront of your mind. Yet giving some special consideration to these items can avert tragedy, such as a need for fire damage restoration. Learning how to store flammable materials around the home is a core responsibility for each homeowner that should never be neglected.