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Commercial Emergency Response Program

Emergency Response Program

Get Top Priority With Our Commercial Emergency Response Program

No location is immune to natural disasters, which can be troubling when you operate a commercial facility. However, there are several measures that you can take to protect yourself in the event of a disaster.  An emergency preparedness plan and priority status for restoration services provides you with confidence knowing that no matter the damage, you have a team of experts on your side.  Wouldn’t it be helpful if there were a commercial Emergency Response Program for this purpose?

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Business Preparedness & Continuity Planning for Commercial Facilities

J&J ERS offers our Commercial Emergency Response Program so that you can reopen as soon as possible following an emergency event. Our crew surveys the premises of your site, collecting all of the necessary components to generate an effective disaster mitigation plan. Then, if and when a disaster occurs, no time is wasted — J&J ERS is ready and able to respond with the proper equipment, labor, and expertise for the job. Best of all, members of our Commercial Emergency Response Program are given preference for emergency restoration services during an area-wide disaster.

The ERP Platform

The Emergency Response Program allows you to securely upload business documents, information, contracts, and photos that you may need to access during a major disaster. This eliminates both the fear and possibility of paperwork or equipment being destroyed and the information subsequently lost. From evacuation routes to building floor plans, contractual agreements, rate sheets, communication trees, and more, the ERP Platform houses all of the information that keeps your operations running.

  • 24/7/365 Cloud & Remote Access
  • Secure Login Information
  • Upload/Download Documents From Any Device
  • Photo Storage
  • Access to Contracts & Primary Vendors
  • Utility Controls & Shutoff Locations
  • Employee Contact Information

Our ERP platform is easy-to-use with an intuitive interface that is easily accessibly at the most critical times. The Emergency Response Program platform is the perfect solution that not only prepares your business, but also gives peace of mind when it matters most.

emergency response program platform

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The Costs of Failing to Prepare for Disasters

When your commercial business property has suffered from major storm, fire, or water damage, the timing of the response has a substantial impact on the overall costs you will incur. With this in mind, it helps to remember that there is a risk and expense that comes with failing to properly prepare for a disaster. If not for our Emergency Response Program, our clients would be setting themselves up for the potential for:

  • Further secondary damages – While the brunt of the disaster may be over, damage continues to accumulate with each passing minute. Secondary damages such as mold, smoke damage, standing water, and compromised structures quickly skyrocket the cost of restoration.
  • Operational downtime – To weather the storm, your business will need to remain operational. When your property is destroyed and day-to-day procedures cannot proceed as usual, the losses are amplified.
  • Losing employees – Your employees are a valuable asset that you cannot afford to lose during tough times. Without proper disaster planning in place, it is possible that your staff may search for work elsewhere with an employer who was better prepared for the outcomes of a natural disaster.
  • Losing your dream – Owning a business is an achievement. However, FEMA reports that 40-60% of small business owners never reopen their doors following a major loss. Having a business emergency plan in place helps keep your dream alive, even in the face of crisis.


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Our Emergency Response Program Clients

You may be wondering if your business is eligible for participation in the Emergency Response Program. To give an idea of who we help, our clients include:

hospitality restoration services

  • Local Government & Municipal Properties
  • Educational Institutions
  • Office Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hospitality Services
  • Retail Shops & Stores
  • Industrial & Warehouse
  • Your Business

Emergency Planning & Response Frequently Asked Questions

A disaster can happen in a moment’s notice, which is why it pays to prepare before it does. Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions we receive from those who want to know more about commercial disaster preparedness planning.

What emergencies could a business face?

Businesses require many moving parts, making them susceptible to the impacts of a disaster. Disaster planning goes beyond the obvious fire damage and water damage to include security breaches, lawsuits, or hurricanes. Each hazard should be viewed as a possibility that is deserving of adequate attention, prevention, and mitigation planning. Securing a spot in our Emergency Response Program for emergency restoration services is a great way to ensure you are prepare for any emergency that could arise.

Why have an emergency plan?

In the midst of a crisis, it can be difficult to think clearly and act in the best interest of your business and employees. An emergency preparedness plan outlines procedures for handling any possible emergency situations. This helps:

  • Prevent injuries and deaths.
  • Reduce damage to buildings, inventory, equipment, and documents.
  • Minimize the negative impact on the environment and the community.
  • Return to normal operations sooner.

Disaster planning helps discover unrecognized hazards and vulnerabilities.

How should you prepare for an emergency in your business?

The first matter of business is to develop an emergency preparedness plan. This should include bringing in restoration experts from J&J ERS to identify risks, outline disaster preparedness guidelines, and give emergency plan training to your employees, to ensure your entire operation is familiar with responsibilities, evacuation routes, safety measures, and communication plans. When you are able to prepare for an inevitable disaster, such as a large storm, monitor for weather alerts frequently. Take measures beforehand to minimize the damage by boarding windows, installing sandbags and moving equipment, etc.

What should an emergency preparedness plan include?

A comprehensive emergency preparedness plan includes a clear checklist of everything that needs to be done before, during and after the emergency. In particular, it describes:

  • Possible emergencies and their consequences
  • Actions, procedures, and resources for each type of emergency.
  • Lists of personnel, their contact information, and their responsibilities.
  • Lists of properties, floor plans and maps showing evacuation routes and service lines.
  • Contact information for service providers, vendors, clients, and other key contributors.
  • Essential documentation, including: insurance policies, W9s, work agreements, etc.

Each and every business is unique, which is why we tailor the ERP Program to meet your specific needs.

We want to develop a disaster preparedness plan. Where should we start?

We recommend beginning with a vulnerability assessment. If you wish to register for our Commercial Emergency Response Program, J&J ERS assesses any vulnerabilities at your site to offer practical suggestions for improving the site’s disaster preparedness. Once you have compiled the necessary components of your disaster plan, we will house it on our Emergency Response Program platform.

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