Biohazard Containment & Cleanup

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It’s not just the property damage that you have to worry about during a disaster, you also have to deal with the aftermath of dangerous agents and materials that are a hazard to the environment and the well-being of those in the vicinity. Immediate cleanup from storms, oil spills or hazardous agents and materials is of paramount importance in any disaster recovery project—especially extremely flammable agents, poisons or contaminants.

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As an EPA Certified Lead Renovator, you can rely on us to quickly and properly clean up the mess—safely, thoroughly and securely— with minimal environmental impact.

In addition to our EPA Certification, we are also OSHA certified and have medical clearance to provide biohazard remediation in hospitals and office buildings where sensitive information is stored.

Our document recovery and restoration services can save valuable records that have been contaminated or damaged by the disaster. It is crucial to leave such an important process to professionals skilled in working with these items. These documents must be handled with care, using the proper equipment. If there’s even one mistake, a document may be ruined forever.

Trust J&J Emergency Restoration Services to contain & cleanup any biohazard or spill quickly, effectively and safely.

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